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2020 Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer opportunities begin now and expand throughout the year. Read below to learn more about each opportunity, and sign up if the job seems right for you! We are always looking to expand our Voter Protection team. 

Be a Hotline Volunteer

As a hotline volunteer, you will man phones for the MS Voter Protection Hotline in the months leading up the Election. You will encounter scenarios from answering general questions about how to vote to dealing with election issues.

Be a Poll Watcher

As a Poll Watcher, you will be the eyes and ears for the Mississippi Democratic Party's (MSDP) Voter Protection team inside an assigned polling location and the first line of defense against misinformation and any efforts to confuse and deter voters.

Be a Voter Protection Phone & Text Banker

Help us reach out to voters en masse leading up to and after elections. We need volunteers who can spend significant time calling or texting voters during these critical periods. 

Be a Poll Worker

As a poll worker, you have a unique opportunity to serve the community, meet your neighbors, and become involved in the election process.  Poll Workers are compensated for their work on Election Day and typically receive additional compensation for training. You must work on Election Day in order to get paid for training. Poll Workers are ultimately selected by each county's Election Commission, but we can help to point you in the right direction if you are interested!


Our mission is to provide the resources and support Mississippians need to vote and ensure that all Mississippians' voices are heard.

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